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    Paper Tableware Production Line
    professional machine, high capacity

    Disposable paper tableware production line, (Certificate number:4195698). All mechanical structure, large capacity, no pollution, unique cutting edge, non-net hot pressing technology.

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    Egg Tray Production Line
    High precision Servo drive, high efficiency and energy saving drying line

    Fully-Automatic drum of egg tray production line, full servo drive, high speed, high precision, energy-efficient drying line, energy consumption reduced by 25%, occupies less.

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    Egg Carton Production Line
    Supporting with fully-automatic high speed egg carton hot-pressing machine

    Besure Technology of automatic high-speed egg carton hot -pressing machine is regarded as high-tech products by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology as well as one of the four companies in the world that with this technology.

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    High-end Industrial Packaging Production Line
    All-mechanical structure, the choice of high-end packaging

    All-mechanical structure, small drafting angle, precise controlling, smooth on both sides of the product.

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    Industrial Packaging Production Line
    Low tooling cost, flexible production

    Fully-automatic industrial packaging production line, 20 years of technical accumulation. Flexible product conversion, fast-changing mold; Japanese drying technology, high efficiency and energy saving.

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    Paper Urinal Production Line
    European Technology, professional machine

    Automatic paper urinal production line, China-Europe cooperation for research and development; high capacity; low waste rate


Professional ConsultingProfessional consultation in paper pulp industry

Process DesignPrecision process design

Testing of pulpProvide data of testing of pulp

Technical trainingTechnical training on relevant equipment

Practical trainingRelated equipment operation training

After saleAfter sale technical solution

About us

BeSure Tech

As a joint venture  factory, BeSure Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded by senior experts who had devoted themselves into Pulp Molding Industry R&D and practice for more than 20 years. It is a manufacturing enterprise which has the comprehensive technology strength in machinery and mold of Pulp Molding Industry in China so far

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  • CE:pulp molding pulping system

  • CE:pulp molding forming machine

  • CE:pulp molding hot-pressing machine

  • CE:pulp molding drying system

  • CE:pulp moulding rotating forming system

  • CE:pulp moulding rotating forming system

  • CE:Move-out Type Hot Pressing Machine

  • CE:Mechanical Turn-over Type Thermoformer

  • 专利:一种传动机构的安全装置

  • 专利:一种模具合模同步机构及应用该机构的纸浆模塑成型机

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    Brand strength Industry leader

    European technology: in Europe with research and development centers, the recruitment of European technology elite to join, to create an international company of China-European technical cooperation.

    Listed company: The 1st listed company of Chinese pulp molding machine manufacturers and high-technology company.

    Massive customer: We set service center in Europe, the United States, Russia, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Australia, serving more than 400 customers all over the world.

    Long history: Engaged in pulp molding industrial research andpractice for more than 20 years, was regarded as High-tech enterprises by the State Ministry of Science and Technology.

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    Exquisite craft high quality

    Fully-automatic hot-pressing machine: the whole machine adopts servo motor + mechanical mechanism drive, it is stable, fast, accurate, and the production capacity is greatly improved.

    Fully-automatic drum machine: the process of molding and transferring use servo motor + precision reducer drive, high productivity, low water content.

    Multi-layer drying line: consumes 24% less than the single layer drying line, which is less than 32% of the single layer drying line of the same capacity, saving cost and space.

    Egg carton hot-pressing machine: using single machine mechanical linkage structure, so that the machine can operate at high speed; pneumatic buffering technology, quiet and stable operation.

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    Authoritative certification Worth Trusting

    Through ISO9001 certification: by the State Ministry of Science and Technology identified as High-tech enterprises.

    The utility patent 110 items: the invention patent 5 items, the copyright 3 items, the CE certificate 10 items, now covers all product series.

    Six global service centers: to provide customers with planning, equipment procurement, product development, marketing promotion, such as a full range of solutions.

    Strong technical team: 48 technical research and development personnel, 3 PhD, 8 masters, 2 overseas engineers.

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